HD Voice-related events in March


“Part 1: The Year of HD”,” Tuesday, March 9 at 2 PM EST

TMC (www.tmcnet.com) is hosting, Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) is sponsoring and attendees will learn about the surging use of HD voice in North American and
around the globe; Advantages of HD voice over a regular PSTN call and; How affordable HD voice is compared to simple VoIP.


CTIA (www.ctia.org) March 22-25, Las Vegas

Building on the buzz of Mobile World Congress and France Telecom’s sweeping mobile HD voice announcements, several companies are expected are expected to announce interesting news in Vegas. Expect some core network, more softclient/OTT in a 4G context, and at least one two-way video rollout.  The last won’t be HD voice, but if you can run two-way video…

VoiceCon Orlando (www.voicecon.com/orlando/) March 22-25, Orlando

The best place to catch up with the business enterprise telephony crowd. Video and unified communications appears to have crowded out a dedicated session for HD voice issues.

Editor-in-Chief Doug Mohney will be at VoiceCon from early Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon at about 2:30 PM. Email him directly at dmohney@hdvoicenews.com to arrange a meeting.

Look for HD voice to (hopefully) come up in the broader discussion of “Hardphones, Softphones & Next-Gen Systems” on Wednesday, March 24 at 1 PM.

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