TurboBridge focuses on HD voice conferencing without the whistles

With many participants in the conference services game, TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) has decided to keep its approach simple, sticking to SIP-based conferencing, a service “priced to sell” and all-you-can eat conferencing plan.

“Consumers are numb to the ‘better message’,” said TurboBridge CEO Chris Koehncke, “The HD message falls on deaf ears, it’s not until people experience it that they get it.”

Sticking with SIP conferencing with HD voice as its primary offering, TurboBridge is focusing on ways to improve the audio quality of the call over more elaborate features. “We’re not trying to re-think conferencing, we don’t want the technology to get into the way,” Koehncke said. 

Offering access via a hosted, public URL means customers can call in from anywhere around the world. “Yes, it’s a security risk, but it’s the business we’re in,” stated Koehncke. “We have to be prepared to deal with that.”

“Pricing it to sell” means personal monthly plans as low as $8.95 per month, with toll-free access between 4 to 6 cents per minute. “We’re competing with Intercall at 8 to 10 cents per minute,” Koehncke said.  Access via one of the company’s local numbers, Skype, a web-based client, or via SIP phone is free, with the use of web or SIP phone enabling HD audio via G.722; support for other codecs are in the works.

All-you-can-eat conferencing for TurboBridge means unlimited minutes and ease of use in creating and administrating conference bridges.

Starting operations in May 2009, the company has quietly been at work building its business and has an established itself as a wholesale provider to a number of operators. “Someone dials a number, [the service providers] sends it to us in SIP,” stated Koehncke.

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