Largest G.722 HD voice deployments around the globe

This list is a moving target/snapshot of what is known and confirmed.

1) France Telecom/Orange  – Over 500,000 G.722 endpoints – Reported May, 2009

Despite some prodding, France Telecom has not yet updated its broadband HD voice numbers since reporting them last year in New York City.  The numbers cited are assumed to mostly be in the consumer realm in France proper.

2) 8×8 – 70,000+  – Reported January 2010

With the largest single “island” of HD voice services in North America, 8×8  is on a path to gaining ground on FT’s “stale” number of 500,000.  How much ground is up for debate, but the company continues to report significant month-over-month growth for its hosted business VoIP service and has a deal with Level 3 that gives it a foothold into easier government sales.

And what’s good for 8×8 is good for Aastra, its handset supplier.

3) Ooma – 25,000 – Reported January 2010

Focused on the North American consumer market, “Hello, Hello” on Ooma’s second-generation Telo hardware means support for G.722.  According to the company, the number represents unit sales for the fourth quarter of 2009, the first quarter when Telo appeared in sales channels. With a total of around 100,000 units sold in 2009, Ooma would appear to be on track to posting substantial numbers by the end of 2010.

4) Global Crossing – 5,600 – Reported December 2009

International long-haul carrier Global Crossing has a mixture of desktop phones and softclients in internal corporate use.

5) Alteva – 5,000 – Reported Fall 2009

Alteva has a mixture of Polycom and Cisco phones deployed among its hosted business clients.

6) Verizon – “Nearly 5,000” Polycom HD phones – Reported mid-2009

Verizon converted its Basking Ridge, New Jersey headquarters over to HD voice as the company’s aging VoIP gear (gee, who thought you’d hear that phrase) needed to replaced, making it the largest HD voice installation at a North American carrier. 

7) Simple Signal – “4,000 to 5,000” endpoints – Reported February 2009

SimpleSignal CEO Dave Gilbert on-the-fly estimate

8) Penn State University – 4,500 – Reported Fall 2009.

The main campus at PSU has around 4,500 Cisco phones deployed.


Unconfirmed large G.722 islands

BT – Nearly “2 million” end-points

All of the BT VoIP “Hub” gear is supposedly G.722 capable. but it is not explicitly clear if the end-points BT provides support for G.722 or another HD voice codec.  BT has a mixture of Thomson and Gigaset hardware

Other than a throwaway line in the “New BT Hub Phone” description saying the device “provides hi-definition sound when calling another BT Hub Phone, the BT Softphone or a BT Videophone,” the company has done little to define or highlight what it mean by “High definition Sound (Hi-dS).”

Telstra – 11,000

Australia’s incumbent phone company has been running a hosted HD voice services for businesses since 2009, but there has been no confirmation that Telstra has up to 11,000 HD voice endpoints in operation within the company.

Texas Tech University; other universities

Larger universities who have migrated to VoIP may have also turned on HD voice on a campus-wide basis a la Penn State.

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