Skype releases source code for SILK

Credit where credit is due: @voiploser and Michael Graves provided this tip

In its latest filing with the ITEF, Skype ( released the source code to SILK under an open license, with the code presented as an appendix to the filing.

Codec junkies can review “draft-vos-silk-01” at, with the fixed-point C code starting at page 28 and running to the end of page 565. The code is being provided under a BSD license if this reporter is deciphering the legalese and components are “provided without warranty” as described in the BSD license.

Michael Graves ( tweeted that Speex author Jean-Marc Valin grabbed the code from the ITEF wideband mailing list to try it out, but no word back as of this evening as to the results of his efforts.

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