Aastra and TurboBridge announce HD voice team-up

Aastra (www.aastrausa.com) and TurboBridge (www.turbobridge.com) have announced a bundling/trial deal for Aastra SIP phones. Look for smiles from both parties.

The two are offering a 60 day free trial of the TurboBridge “HD audio” conferencing service to Aastra SIP phone customers, carriers, and resellers. Aastra supports G.722 via its Hi-Q audio technology and G.722 is the primary HD voice codec that TurboBridge supports. 

TurboBridge says it is providing unlimited free conferencing by simply connecting any Aastra SIP phone directly to TurboBridge via a SIP URL. More information can be found at http://www.turbobridge.com/?promo=aastra.

This is the latest HD voice coup for Aastra. Its 67xx series phones are in use at 8×8, the largest HD voice provider in North America; 8×8 had over 70,000 Aastra phones deployed in January 2010 and continues to grow at a substantial pace.

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