HD Communications Summit West – May 12. 2010

While there’s no web page up yet, email is circulating for a HD Communications Summit event to take place in Silicon Valley on May 12, 2010.

The event is schedule to take place at the Computer History Museum (www.computerhistory.org) and the email says “we have room for 150 delegates, 25 speakers, and 6 sponsors.” 

In addition, the email says “The SV HD summit will include outreach and exhibits targeting end users to address the desire of service providers for more evidence of HD product and service demand” and “We already started an effort to get HD enabled IP Phones into the hands of key tech influencers in the Bay Area between now and May 12th.”

Vendors catering to the cable community might view the date with a little askance or plan to spend some time on planes.  The Cable Show is taking place between May 11-13 in Los Angeles, so people wishing to attend both events would end up in LA on Tuesday and flying into SF on Tuesday evening.

Interested parties should contact Program Chairman Dan Berninger at dan@danielberninger.com

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