Telstra makes nice with HD voice, Polycom media phone

Telstra ( has announced it is now selling the Polycom ( VVX 1500 Business Media Phone and the 300 organizations now using Telstra’s hosted IP telephony product (TIPT) can upgun to videoconferencing by simply upgrading their phones. It also announced HD voice support between those 300 organizations – and potentially to Telstra proper.

Polycom’s VVX 1500 media phone has been Polycom’s darling since being released around this time last year, but Telstra is the first major carrier to line up behind both the phone and the concept of relatively ubiquitous desktop video calling. 

Like all Polycom products these days – even the boring low-end handsets – the VVX 1500 supports HD voice in the form of G.722 straight out of the box.

Meanwhile, Telstra began supporting HD voice via its TIPT hosted service in April 2009, but the company only supported HD within a business domain.  Today’s announcement of supporting HD voice between businesses us means that Telstra feels comfortable with letting G.722 and HD voice flow throughout their network.  

Availability of both HD voice calling and video calling via the VVX 1500 are available this week, says the company.

Telstra purportedly has up to 11,000 HD voice capable end-points in operation within their own business, using Polycom hardware.  From today’s press announcement, it is not clear if organizations can call Telstra using HD voice via TIPT.

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