D2 and GCT offer mobile HD VoIP over WiMAX

D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) and GCT Semiconductor (www.gctsemi.com) have announced a complete VoIP/IP Communications solution over WiMAX for mobile devices based on the Android and Linux operating systems.  Since D2 has already announced support for G.722 on Android via mCUE, it’s no great leap to say mobile HD VoIP over WiMAX.

At CTI this week, D2 will be demoing mobile VoIP calls over WiMAX through its mCUE communications solutions stack running on TI’s Zoom OMAP3 II mobile development platform integrated with GCT’s GDM7205 modem IC.  D2 is also showing off and optimized version of its vPort VoIP engine embedded directly on the GDM7205 for low cost single-chip mobile apps.

GCT offers a single chip “ultra low power” solution providing all the components necessary for manufacturers to put together dual-mode WiFi and WiMAX mobile devices. D2’s mCUE supports Skype interoperability, video call/chat, and HD voice.

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