D2 and Beceem release 4G WiMAX Android reference design

D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) and Beceem (www.beceem.com) have announced a 4G reference design for Android mobile devices that deliver multi-radio VoIP call handover to existing 4G-3G multimode and WiFi solutions.

Beceem’s BCSM250 WiMAX modem provides the 4G wireless capabilities, including 4G-3G multimode and session handover, as well as WiMAX-WiFi “coexistence.” Add D2’s mCUE IP communications stack for VoIP/SIP and you have the heart of a turnkey solution for OEM/ODMs looking to build a 4G phone that supports simultaneous voice/data sessions on different radios and VoIP services with multi-radio and multi-standard handover capability.

Going forward, D2 plans to extend the multi-radio capabilities of its reference design to include 4G-LTE and plans to use Beceem’s BCS500 WiMAX/LTE solution to demo VoIP handover between WiMAX and LTE.

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