RadiSys adds G.722 support to Convedia Software Media Server

RadiSys (www.radisys.com) has added a bunch of new features to its Convedia Software Media Server, including support for G.722.

Co-residency is the big feature added to the Convedia Software Media Server, enabling OEMs to offer an integrated all-in-one product or network appliance on a single compute platform.   G.722 HD audio gets top billing, along with text overlay for H.263 video announcements, call progress tone detection, voice quality enhancement features, speech server support. G.711 and T.38 fax, NIC bonding and other goodies for enterprise VoIP, IP contact center, NGN and IMS markets.

RadiSys has also certified the Convedia Software Media Server on additional media platforms, including the Dell R610 rack-mount 1RU Intel multi-core server and the IBM HS-22 compute blade for IBM BladeCenter, while boosting the capacity of a Convedia server to thousands of ports on a single box.

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