Goober VoIP joins the iPhone HD / “it’s cheap phone calls” crowd

It is deja vu all over again,  with Goober Networks ( offering a mobile VoIP solution that delivers “crystal-clear” HD voice capabilities over WiFi or 3G – not to mention low-cost VoIP pricing, unified communications, yadda-yadda.

The goober soft clients are using the Global IP Solutions ( software stack, just like every other major software stack in the world, so they get to claim HD voice via the 16-bit iSAC codec.   Goober for Apple iPhone is available for free download through the App store and in addition to the kitchen skin of VoIP, IM and cheap phone calls via bypass, it adds a “goober Webfolder” function as a virtual hard drive feature for directly displaying files and pictures.

Goober VoIP for the iPhone is the phone bypass service that everyone else offers (Skype, Nimbuzz) for the typical “save up to 90 percent on all phone calls” and costs as low as a penny a minute.  Goober VoIP requires users to pre-pay via iPhone at “flat-rate” fees, but throws in the first two minutes free of charge for calls anywhere in the world – which makes a twisted form of sense because if you’re only charging 1-2 cents per minute, at some point it becomes “too cheap to meter.”

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