Broadvox lines up behind HD voice with new hosted product

During its partner summit, Broadvox ( became the latest provider to offer HD voice support. Its newly announced GO!Hosted product lists “HD voice quality” among its many features.

GO!Hosted is being touted as “approximately two-thirds less” than what is being charged by (most other) hosted VoIP providers for similar services, with cost savings being delivered by separating the price of per-extension license fees from usage of local and long distance calling.  Companies with a higher number of extensions, but low usage will pay less than companies with the same number of extensions, but higher per-minute usage, so companies with lots of little-use phones in conference rooms, kitchens, warehouses and the like don’t end up paying for them.

Subscription-based, users don’t need anything other than IP phones to active the service. Phones certified/supported include Polycom, Cisco, Linksys, Grandstream, Bria Softphone “and others.”

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