VoIP providers FreecoNet, Edge Solutions offer HD voice in Poland

BankierPress and TMC Net unearth HD voice service providers in Eastern Europe.  

FreecoNet is described as the largest VoIP operator in Poland with an estimated share of about 40 percent of the pure-play VoIP market and about 65,000 to 70,000 active customers.

If the Google translation is correct, FreecoNet first offered HD voice in May and the company currently offers HD voice without additional markups.

Another provider, Edge Solutions offers an “HD Voice IntraOut” hosted service that includes HD voice as a standard feature in its “Silver” and “Gold” packages. It rolled out HD voice in November 2009.

The translated article from BankierPress also discusses the potential for HD voice among the four mobile operators in Poland, but believes VoIP providers “will assume the burden” of popularizing HD voice in the market.

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