Ooma “announced availability” of something or another – but not HD voice

Ooma has “announced the availability” of its PureVoice technology, a feature announced and demonstrated at CES in January.  The press release goes on to describe PureVoice as being made up of four components, plus tags on the availability of . Google Voice Extensions and Ooma Voicemail Transcriptions, features also talked about at CES. Nothing in the release addresses HD voice through G.722 support, a feature that has been trumpeted since Ooma started talking about its second-generation Telo hardware last year. Instead, the company is now trumpeting how its technology saves bandwidth as compared to “standard VoIP".”

PureVoice is described as using an advanced voice compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth consumption by over 60 percent over standard VoIP and “more capable” of withstanding packet loss without degradation, includes “wire-speed QoS” by prioritizing voice packets for “crystal clear” calls, “adaptive redundancy” that sends extra packets in case of detected packet loss, and “the same encryption technology that governments use to protect classified data.”

Google Voice Extensions have been kicking around in beta for a while and are a piece of code that integrates a Google Voice number with an Ooma system, so users get Call Presentation, Listen In and caller ID, plus access their Google Voice voicemail with a single touch.

Ooma voicemail transcription is a value-added service on top of Ooma Premier for $9.99 for transcription of 40 messages; additional messages cost $0.25 each.

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