Cloud Communications Alliance emerges, embraces HD voice

Eight business VoIP service providers have more formally joined together as the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The newly created organization says it represents more than $100 million in combined annual revenue and collectively serve more than 110,000 businesses in the United States – and it wants to make good on HD voice peering.

Members of the CCA include Alteva, Broadcore, Callis Communications, Consolidated Technologies, IPFone, SimpleSignal, Stage 2 Networks and Telesphere.

The CCA says it is out to promote a Cloud Communications standard and drive its development through the pursuit of new technical standards, capabilities and applications. On a more mundane level, the Alliance will jointly deliver services directly to customers, taking advantage of the nationwide coverage provided by its established and regionally owned and operated service provider membership.

Key collaboration points among members include nationwide peering with interconnected switches and gateways across the country to drive network efficiencies and provide optimal HD voice quality, communication to multiple end devices and transparent handoffs between computers, office phones and cell phones, a common support infrastructure, joint product development,  an expanded network of remote field technicians, shared best practices, and disaster recovery support across all CCA members. Down the road, collaboration for enhanced video conferencing capabilities is planned.

The CCA announcement gives headline play to Broadsoft as being the common software solution to deliver services.

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