Alteva CEO walks through IP Peering Alliance HD voice peering alternatives

While the Cloud Communications Alliance ( gets all the buzz this week, the less-formal IP Peering Alliance is working with two different HD voice interoperability options.

Alteva ( CEO Bill Bumbernick said the IP Peering Alliance has about 15 interested service providers and four “active integrators” working with and looking to understand the technology solutions available to seamlessly weave together HD voice networks.

The core working group has built a lab environment solution using Broadsoft ( – a platform used by all participants – with a compiled data base of numbers and using network servers as a routing engine.  The technology “works” and enables IP to IP calls, but requires putting the phone numbers of each individual service providers customers into a common database viewable by all – a challenge when such numbers are viewed as a form of intellectual property and competitive trade secrets by the companies operating them.  

Another challenge with the Broadsoft solution is the potential for look-up and connection delay between services, since the setup has to go to another company’s Broadsoft server. A delay in setting up an HD voice path could result in the call falling over to the PSTN rather than have the customer wait for the call connection.

XConnect ( is providing a second solution that has several advantages.   It provides an encrypted numbers data base, so competitive information would be secure, and a routing server on-site to provide local lookup of phone numbers, rather than adding hops to get to someone else’s server.

“We’re looking at both solutions, understanding the costs/benefits,” said Bumbernick. “Broadsoft servers scale more affordably.  XConnect and other for-profit companies have a per-minute cost plus a monthly minimum.  We need to understand the full [financial] impact. The ROI is elusive with them.”

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