Mindspeed plugs new Comcerto media processing chip for HD Voice apps

Mindspeed Technologies is listing HD voice applications among the uses for its upgraded Comcerto media processing SoC (solution on a chip).  The company says it has more than doubled the performance and density of the solution, while adding media processing capabilities.

Used in carrier-class voice processing platforms, the Comcerto 5000 M85000 SoC processor builds on top of seven generations of multi-core experience and includes hardware accelerators for tasks such as video processing and encryption.  A supporting software suite supports more than 20 voice and video codecs for wireline, W-CDMA, CDMA, Packetcable and wideband/HD voice in a single software image, along with H.263, H.264 and MPEG 2/4 encode/decode functions.  Packet-to-TDM and Packet-to-Packet transcoding operations are simultaneously support for both voice and video stream; there’s also support for SRTP encryption, voice quality enhancement, RTCP-XR, echo cancellation, T.38 fax relay, announcement serving and CALEA.

Samples for the Comcerto 5000 will be available in May 2010 along with an eval board and developer’s kit.  OEM pricing in 10,000 unit production volumes is $275.

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