Editorial – Maybe Dean Kamen has it right

Speaking the Better World Conference, Dean Kamen made the observation that that the time it takes to develop new products is often eclipsed by the time it takes to bring something to market.

Kamen’s remarks, reported by CNET here, were as much directed at getting regulatory approval and business and acceptance.

"Don’t gauge the rate at which you will be an instant success by how quickly you can develop the technology," he told would-be entrepreneurs. "I would gauge how long it takes the collective culture–any culture–to give up something, even if they are frustrated or unhappy with it, and accept something different. The rate of emotional, intellectual, cultural, and regulatory inertia of the world is very high. It used to be much lower in this country, but even that is changing."

Does this apply to HD voice? It would certainly seem to apply to the snail’s pace of SIP interconnection over the past decade, with provider more happy to stick with the PSTN rather than directly connecting together.

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