trunks to TurboBridge HD voice conferencing service ( is turning on a HD voice audio conferencing bridge for its business customers, with services provided by the very-busy TurboBridge ( customers can get their own dedicated conference access number as well as speed dial access from their Virtual Office phones to their own dedicated conference bridge.  Initially, TurboBridge conference service will be offered to its customers free of charge.

TurboBridge offers HD voice support (G.722 and Skype) with up to 250 conference participants and has features such as call recording, lecture, and Q&A mode.   The company also boasts of providing directly connectivity for IP PBXes and IP telephony handsets via a public SIP URI.

This marks the second major announced win for TurboBridge; a third hosted HD voice provider is using the service, but has not publicly announced a relationship.  Aastra ( and TurboBridge announced a partnership in March where TurboBridge would offer Aastra customers, carriers, and resellers a 60 day free trial of its HD conferencing service.

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