Line2 brags up HD voice for iPad 3G

Toktumi ( announced that its Line2 app is the only one available for the iPad with WiFi +3G that can “completely” replicate the iPhone’s calling functionality.

CEO Peter Sisson goes so far as to use his iPad as a speaker phone for conference calls, saying that the iPad’s built in speakers and microphone make the iPad+Line2 combo “a great tool” for group meetings.

The Line2 service is $14.95 per month for unlimited US/Canada calling and “low international rates,” with the Line2 App enables IP calling either through WiFi or 3G; you also get the usual VoIP/IP features, like call waiting, call transfer, conferencing (up to 20 people) and calls to international numbers starting at 2 cents per minute; calls to numbers “back home” to the US/Canada will be free, as well calls to other Line2 users.

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