Ooma – Official support for HD voice delayed until “the June timeframe”

At CES, IP phone manufacturer/service provider ooma (www.ooma.com) announced a laundry list of features that would be supported in its new second-generation Telo hardware.  The cluster of software-based features was slated to be released in April, but HD voice didn’t make the cut.

In an exchange of email with HD Voice News, Ooma VP of Corporate Marketing Tami Bhaumik said that the company could get its PureVoice feature out to subscribers much faster, while HD voice remains in beta and is currently listed for release in the “June timeframe.”

As described in a company press release, Ooma PureVoice uses an advanced voice compression algorithm to reduce bandwidth consumption by over 60 percent over standard VoIP and “more capable” of withstanding packet loss without degradation, includes “wire-speed QoS” by prioritizing voice packets for “crystal clear” calls, “adaptive redundancy” that sends extra packets in case of detected packet loss, and “the same encryption technology that governments use to protect classified data.”

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