Voxbone INum phone numbers start to get routed by the big boys

While Voxbone (www.voxbone.com) has been touting its iNum phone numbers as being a solution to HD voice, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that incumbent telephony carriers started routing calls to the VoIP-based number block.

Introduced over a year ago and used in the VoIP-based world, iNum numbers use the 883 global country code to ring phones anywhere in the world, providing users with a global portable number.

Verizon, BT, and Belgacom have all agreed to route iNum-s, and calls to iNum numbers can be made by both IP and PSTN customers.

Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens expects more incumbent carriers to start routing iNum in the future because it will add new revenue-generating minutes and create more all-IP call paths to augment and go beyond simple narrowband voice calls, adding things like seamless HD voice and video calling.  Service providers can get iNum numbers for free.

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