AudioCodes buys rest of Natural Speech Communication

AudioCodes ( will acquire all of N.S.C. Natural Speech Communication (NSC) that it doesn’t currently own.  Based in Israel, NSC does speech analytics and speech recognition.

Over the past couple of years, AudioCodes invested $8.6 million and held almost 60 percent of NSC, and started to count NSC’s financial results into its financials in 2008.

AudioCodes will pay another $1.2 million over a three year period to secure the rest of NSC and there’s another $500,000 in incentives in 2013 if the usual “certain revenue milestones” are met over the next three years.

Incorporating speech recognition and speech analytics (SR/SA) capabilities would seem to be a natural fit for AudioCodes, a company that aggressively promoted HD Voice in 2009.  HD voice provides better/cleaner data for SR/SA applications, opening up an array of capabilities in mobile (handsfree operation) and the enterprise (contact centers, data mining, customer service, security).

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