Heavy Reading discovers HD Voice. “may find a home in cable networks”

TechWeb’s Heavy Reading Insider has released a 20 page report, “Making HD Voice Happen: Choosing Codecs, Connecting Islands.”

The press release and executive summary say “it will likely take two years” for HD voice to emerge as a competitive differentiator and for service providers to begin offering HD voice in “earnest” with cable operators “likely” leading the way in HD voice deployments; mobile operators also get a shout out as having “substantial power” to drive adoption.

A focus on codecs as a key to HD voice proliferation seems to be the jist of the report, judging from an examination of the information in the press release and the publicly available Table of Contents on the Heavy Reading website. There’s also a list of 13 hardware companies surveyed in the 20 page report.

Cost of the 20 page report for a single user license is $900, or you get a copy as a part of an $1895 twelve month subscription to Heavy Reading Insider.

Last month, ABI Research rolled out its predictions for the mobile HD Voice market, so it shouldn’t be long before Gartner and Yankee Group will be along with their spins. PC World also offers lip service to HD in a piece out on 4G and LTE.

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