Ojo/WorldGate keeps swinging with new phone, HD voice support

People may recognize the funky-looking Ojo video phone from appearances on various TV shows such as “NCIS,” but are likely less familiar with the complicated backstory behind it.  Ojo is now into a second – less sexy – generation of videophone hardware supporting G.722 with current owner WorldGate  (www.wgate.com).  Will a turn-key white-label videophone offering pick up traction with service providers.

Last week, Worldgate introduced the Ojo Vision digital phone, showing it off at The Cable Show 2010 in Los Angeles. The second-generation hardware includes a seven-inch video screen with 800×480 resolution, a dual-core TI DiVinci chipset supporting all kinds of video and audio codecs and real-time adaptive bandwidth supporting bit rates from 80kbps to 1Mbps.  Whistles bundled into the phone include a digital photo frame display, composite video out for a LCD/TV/projector, and future support for three-way video calling.

Voice codec support includes G.722 and G.722.2, while H.264 is supported on the video side.

Within the WorldGate literature there’s a bit of bragging about a “state of the art global SIP network, optimized for digital voice and video” along with the usual cheaper phone service offering.  However, service from Ojo only talks within one “domain” and currently Ojo devices operated by separate service provider entities can’t talk (video or HD voice) to each other, according to an Ojo spokesperson.

WorldGate is offering a turn-key solution, with retail, agent, wholesale, white label and private label programs all available. A complete turn-key solution includes network service, fulfillment, returns, customer support and billing, equipment, commissioning and financial reporting.

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