Google buys GIPS for $68 million

Megagiant Google ( has agreed to buy Global IP Solutions ( for a sum of $68.2 million. As Keanu Reeves said in one of his movies, “Woah!”

The party line out of GIPS – articulated in an open letter that was emailed to customers — is that Google has been a valued customer for GIPS for many years and has “greatly contributed” to the development and innovation of its products to date.  Until the completion of the offer, it is “business as usual” for GIPS.

Google says that nothing will change for current and prospective customers of GIPS and that once the offer is closed, Google will continue servicing GIPS customers in accordance with existing contracts “while offering them the opportunity” to transition to new offerings developed by Google.

GIPS software provides high-quality real-time audio and video – including HD voice and superwideband voice — to a vast majority of branded commercial and consumer IM softclients around the globe; nearly everyone but Skype, basically.  Its’ Voice Engine product has been incorporated into products for the iPad and Android and supports both one-way and two-way video conferencing.

Put the pieces of Gizmo5, On2, and GIPS software together and Google has a very powerful toolbox of software capabilities for enabling IP communications of all flavors.

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