Skype pledges “Near CD quality” voice in 3G, over 3G

Over the weekend Skype ( announced Skype for iPhone 2.0. Among the features listed in the new release were “near CD quality” sound for Skype-to-Skype calls with the use of the SILK codec – if you have the right hardware.  The big deals in the announcements were calls being available over a 3G connection annnnd a “small monthly fee”

More specifically, “near CD-quality sound” – will be supported on the iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iPod touch with SILK.  Nothing to indicate if the same pledge will be extended to the iPad.

The “small monthly fee” has a lot of Skype-ites worked up.  Initially, the fee was going to happen around September 2010, but has now been pushed back until the beginning of 2011.  Skype said that collecting the revenue would mean they could roll money into R&D and the company HAS NOT indicated how large or small the “small monthly fee” will be… or if part of the “small monthly fee” will go under the table to AT&T and/or Apple.

Other features cited include an enhanced call quality indicator, improved start-up time, and faster access to the dial pad from the iPhone home screen.

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