Media5 introduces HD softphone app for the iPhone family

Media5 ( joins everyone else on the planet with an iPhone application, specifically the Media5-fone VoIP SIP Mobile Softphone (hit enough SEO key words?) V2.2.

There are two versions of Media5-fone available from the iPhone app store, a free version and a full edition, and there’s also a white-label version for service providers to trick out and lock to their network.

V2.2 adds call waiting, second call, and voice mail notification, HD and wideband voice quality, with support for iSAC and G.722, SIP URI dialing, a configuration wizard with a pick-list of pre-configured SIP service providers, a configurable dial plan, support for multiple SIP accounts, and flexible codec configuration and “easy” prioritization per network type between WiFI or 3G.

Media5 is a combination of Mediatrix Telecom and M5T and builds “advanced, secure and survivable” VoIP products.

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