WorldGate brags about second Ojo phone P.O. with ACN

WorldGate ( is crowing about its second purchase order from parent/owner ACN for 26,000 units of its new digital video Ojo Vision phone.

ACN has agreed to purchase a minimum of 300,000 video phones on an OEM basis over a two year period from WorldGate, making the former a large anchor customer for the latter. To date, WorldGate has shipped 15,000 video phones from the first P.O., so the net number of phones ordered so far is 41,000. 

The Ojo Vision phone supports both video via a 7 inch LCD screen and HD voice via the G.722 codec.  The company expected to add three-way video conferencing in the future.

It should be noted that ACN is not the only customer WorldGate has. The company has spoken of announcing other reseller/OEM relationships in the near future and has a “pipeline” of ILEC and cable company customers who are looking to sell a service above and beyond the vanilla VoIP offerings currently on the market.

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