Grandstream launches dual-mode Skype SIP IP handset

Tom Keating over at TMC has announced the appearance of a dual-stack Skype and SIP phone, the Grandstream GXV3140 IP multimedia phone.

The Grandstream GXV3140 reportedly gets SIP support through a firmware upgrade, enabling the phone to support both Skype voice and video calls in addition to SIP-based voice and video calls.

Features of the GXV3140 include a 4.3 inch color screen (480×272 resolution), 1.3MP camera, support for HD voice, TV output, 3 SIP accounts with line switching support, AES, MPLS, NAT traversal, H.264, 2x optical zoom, picture-in-picture.

HD voice is supported via G.722. For social media junkies, the phone supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IM, GoogleVoice “and more.” List price on the GXV3140 is $249. 

While Grandstream might be the first handset manufacturer supporting Skype in a dual-mode/business format, it certainly won’t be the last. AudioCodes has also made noises that it would support Skype and SILK in a handset.

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