Verizon VIPER looking at HD voice support by end of year

Verizon Business ( introduction of VoIP Enterprise Routing – VIPER, not to be confused with Cisco’s VIPR – means no-toll domestic or international per-minute charges when calls are made between two Verizon VoIP customers in either the U.S. or Europe who are signed up for the feature.  Yes, it’s an all-SIP, no PSTN service feature for Verizon customers, with HD support “in the queue” by the end of the year.

Announced last week, VIPER is a no-cost feature for Verizon VoIP customers and provides no per-minute charges for both person-to-person (well, number to number) calls and calls into Verizon IP Audio Conferencing.  No PSTN, no per-minute charges if you are on VIPER and the other party is also on VIPER.

Verizon is not providing VIPER as a default for its VoIP customers; the feature has to be requested as an opt-in, but it seems like a no-brainer opt-in as in “Do you want to save money on U.S. and international long-distance charges without paying any additional money?”

VIPER is supported on all Verizon’s VoIP products, including IP trunking and hosted IP Centrex. One of VIPER’s features is on-line reporting to show which calls are “free” as routed on VIPER.

Current codecs supported in VIPER are G.722 and G.729a. A Verizon product marketing manager said G.722 isn’t supported “at the moment” but it is “in our queue” for certification and is expected to be available by the end of the year.

SIP/VoIP/HD interconnectivity with other VoIP providers is “certainly where the market is going” and “something we’re looking at” but not something Verizon supports today.

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