POLQA Mobile HD voice testing standard announced

OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO announced that their POLQA voice testing technique has been selected to form the new ITU-T voice quality standard to be used with HD voice, 3G, and 4G services.

POLQA – “Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis” was the winner of a technical competition carried out by ITU-T to define a technology update for PESQ/P.862.  Submissions to ITU-T were subjected to extensive tests against more than 45,000 speech samples from a range of targeted use samples.

Winners OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO have agreed to combine their expertise into a joint solution expected to be standardized in September 2010 and also made available commercially at the same time.

The advent of HD voice rollouts is expected to signal the demise of “classic bandwidth-limited telephony perception metrics”; i.e. we need a new standard for wideband and superwideband codecs and services.

POLQA is expected to be rapidly adopted by PESQ users.

OPTICOM is a voice/video/audio quality technology spinout from Fraunhofer’s MP3 development team; SwissQual focuses wireless network service quality benchmarks, including 4G/LTE testing; and TNO is a spinoff of KPN.

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