D2 and TrendChip ship ADSL2+ processor with HD support

Embedded software shop D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) has combine its vPort Gateway (GW) embedded VoIP software on TrendChip’s TC3182 ADSL2+ processor. Support includes “optimized” carrier-grade VoIP functionality – including G.722 support – and 802.11n support.

The TrendChip TC3182 incorporates a MIPS 34Kc, two Virtual Processing elements (VPEs) and a multi-threading system structure.  OEM and ODM customers will be able to deliver and maintain high-performance HD voice even under high network traffic load.

Needless to say, the combo solution supports a range of HD voice codecs, including G.711, G.726, G.729, and G.722. D2’s vPort GW provides all the goodies one needs to support carrier-grade VoIP applications.

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