UK’s Simwood announces HD Voice support

UK wholesale VoIP service provider Simwood ( has announced support for HD voice and a partnership with ZipDX.

In an email to customers, Simwood said it is offering HD voice support on a “request basis” for all of its numbers.  It will offer HD codecs – G.722, AMR-WB, and G.711.1 are cited in the release – on calls where the other end is “HD capable.”  For termination, Simwood will accept HD codecs immediate and it will accept HD codecs on inbound calls where the destination is HD voice codec capable.

ZipDX has selected Simwood to server its UK customers, enabling a seamless HD voice experience for ZipDX users in that country – assuming most/all parties are HD voice enabled.

Within the UK, BT also supports HD voice in the form of G.722 on its VoIP BT Hub service, but it uses some oddball marketing speak for G.722 support rather than common-use terms such as “HD voice” and “wideband voice.”

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