Orange: 100% HD voice on its 3G+ network in France by the end of the summer

Thanks to Quentin Pagès for the tip

On its website, Orange says that by the end of the summer, its 3G+ network in France will be “100%” HD voice.

The information is provided on Orange’s mobile coverage web page. It says Orange has 92 percent of France’s population covered with 3G+ – France Telecom-speak for the latest and greatest HSPA-esque data network.

Needless to say, this latest tidbit jives with Orange/France Telecom’s modus operandi – roll out 3G+, test HD voice, declare victory and move on to the next area that needs a network upgrade/greenfield build.

Given the pace of Orange’s rollout, the next move will likely be announcements of more HD voice (i.e. AMR-WB) compatible handsets above and beyond the usual Sony Ericsson and Nokia suspects.

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