Ooma says HD voice “by end of September”

Ooma (www.ooma.com) says it should have HD voice ready to roll “by the end of September” and getting it to customers is the “top priority now.”  And oh-by-the-way, the software on on Ooma’s Telo hardware is FreeSWITCH, not Digium Asterisk.

Dennis Peng, Ooma’s VP of Product Management, said while the company had announced a number of features at CES, it was forced to prioritize implementation on the items it fully controlled.

Peng said that HD voice is the “top priority now” and he believes the company can roll it out “by the end of September.” 

Porting FreeSWITCH to Telo’s Mindspeed processor – an ARM derivative – from scratch proved to more challenging than initially anticipated.  Implementing HD voice required more work and integration, including making sure that the company’s underlying PureVoice technology worked before putting HD on top of it.

Peng said that HD voice was one component of PureVoice and the most important feature for the company to implement, since customers “churn off” of VoIP services if the voice quality is poor.

Another challenge Peng cited was the ability to get wideband to effectively work over the wireless DECT hardware of the Telo handset.

G.722 will be the primary HD voice codec Ooma supports, but the company is looking at AMR-WB down the road.  “It does reduce bandwidth [usage], that’s important for us,” said Peng, since PureVoice adds redundancy in bandwidth-constrained situations.   Since G.722 uses 64 Kbps while AMR-WB uses 24 Kbps for an HD call, AMR-WB would fit well into the PureVoice philosophy/implementation.

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