Will the Illinois Institute of Technology VoIP Conference & Expo have HD?

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) will be holding its 6th annual VoIP Conference and Expo on October 12-14, 2010.  Will it have HD voice content? HD Voice News has submitted a proposal, so we’ll see if we can rate at least a panel discussion.

Happening in the Chicago area, the conference bills itself as the place “where industry and academia meet” and expects over 200 attendees.

Conference keynote highlights include–

  • Christopher Mayer, Vice-President, Systems Integration and Testing, Verizon Communications will chair a panel session on " Carriers View of VoIP and the Future"
  • Eric Burger, Georgetown University will address “Interoperability – We Can Achieve It – IETF Can Help” in a Keynote discussion.
  • Henning Schulzrinne, Professor and Chair in the Dept. of Computer Science; also with the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University will speak on the smart-grid theme, "Connecting VoIP and Location with the Physical World."
  • Richard Shockey, Chairman of the Board of the SIPForum, will chair a panel entitled, "The V in VoIP is Video", examining the implications of recent explosion of products and services that allow us to stream video as part of our daily live.
  • Henry Sinnreich and Alan Johnston, Industry consultants and authors will discuss "How will VoIP reincarnate in the Web and Cloud worlds?"

Mayer’s comments should be particularly interesting, since Verizon Business has rolled out its enterprise VIPER solution and will be supporting HD voice by the end of the year.

Schulzrinne, Shockey, and Sinnreich were all long-time VON presenters back in the day.

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