XConnect announces HD voice exchange available worldwide, UK promotion with Polycom, BroadSoft, and Dialogic

XConnect (www.xconnect.com) has announced that its Global HD Voice Federation service is now open to everyone and it has started an “initiative” with Polycom (www.polycom), BroadSoft (www.broadsoft.com), and Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) to promote the adoption of HD voice by service providers in the United Kingdom.

With mobile HD voice being delivered by Orange this fall and BT having deployed over 2 million G.722-capable endpoints via its Hub service, independent ITSPs in the UK are very interested in promoting the benefits of HD voice and resolving implementation challenges.

Needless to say Polycom has had skin in the HD voice game for a long time, BroadSoft has recently found interest in promoting HD, and Dialogic has been promoting HD voice for a while; a no brainer since its gear will end up transcoding between HD (mobile to broadband) codecs, as well as between HD voice and legacy/narrowband worlds.

UK service providers joining the XConnect Global HD Voice federation are Simwood, SureVoIP, and the thevoicefactory. 

If all U.S. service providers in XConnect’s trial are still participating – and more importantly, are paying for the service – Xconnect would have a total of 11 service providers (8 U.S., 3 UK) in its Global HD Voice Federation.  Readers should note, however, that XConnect has not published any updates on its free trial of the service since April; Alteva, Broadvox, Ooma, Phone.com, SimpleSignal, Stage 2 Networks, Telesphere, TurboBridge and ZipDX were listed as participants, but Ooma hasn’t officially deployed HD voice, but expects to do so later this month.

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