Orange expands mobile HD voice across Spain – and throws in incentives to switch.

Thanks to Ericsson for providing the pointer

Orange ( has expanded mobile HD voice service from Barcelona to all of the region of Catalonia in Spain as of September 10.

The announcement took place last week and was published in both an independent blog post and by the Spain-localized version of Network World.

Users need an “HD-capable” handset and right now the Nokia 5230 and X6 are the supported handsets. The service is being offered for “free” with no extra charges or special configuration.

In fact, from now until the end of October, Orange is offering a 30 percent discount for three (3) months with the purchase of two HD-compatible handsets; this is the first time HD Voice News has seen a price incentive to switch to HD voice and may foreshadow similar incentives in France and the UK as those markets become more competitive.

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