Metaswitch Forum: HD voice on the roadmap, including conferencing

Orlando, FL – At today’s presentations at the Metaswitch Forum (, HD voice got some love (i.e. slides) on the product roadmap, including support for HD voice conferencing by the end of the year.

“HD voice is one of the few tricks that VoIP does that you can’t do with POTS,” said Metaswitch VP Martin Taylor.

At the Metaswitch “Product Updates” session,Taylor highlighted the company’s current in-line support for G.722, including naming names of compatible (i.e. tested) phones, including the Aastra 6739i – a press release came out yesterday on the Aastra phone –  Cisco SP 5xx series, Counterpath Bria softphone, Polycom, and Snom.

HD voice conferencing will be rolled out with next Metaswitch product release in December. Taylor said that supporting conferencing “brings leverage” to HD voice support.  Compatible phones include Aastra, Polycom, and Cisco phones, as well as "”mixed” conferencing with POTS lines.  Conference recording in HD is also supported.

A general feeling among Metaswitch executives is HD voice being a service that “one you try it, you don’t want to go back to standard”

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