Metaswitch Forum: U.S. mobile HD voice being driven by over-the-top, 4G LTE

Orlando, FL – The path to mobile HD voice in the U.S. is becoming clearer, with commercial-grade over-the-top clients becoming available by the end of the year and the charge for voice over LTE to bring AMR-WB to North America handsets.

CounterPath ( will have G.722 support incorporated into its Bria Apple iPhone softphone client in October with Android support coming “shortly thereafter.” said a spokesperson. AMR-WB support is under consideration, given the pull from European carriers.

Metaswitch executives are very gung-ho about the opportunities for wireline carriers to use softphone softclients to deliver over-the-top (OTT) services to tie together wireless and wireline offerings, but OTT won’t be the only driver for mobile HD voice in the U.S.

“Major carriers” are discussing the implementation of HD voice as they roll out voice on 4G wireless networks, said one Metaswitch executive. Since implementing voice on an LTE network is an all-IP solution, implementing HD voice is straightforward. 

AMR-WB is the HD codec option on the lips of those major carriers as they move to implement voice over LTE.

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