Editorial - “The ‘V’ in VoIP is for Video” at the IIT VoIP Conference

I’ll be speaking at “The V in VoIP is for Video” session at the 6th annual VoIP Conference and Expo put on by the Illinois Institute of technology (IIT) Rice Campus on Thursday, October 14, 2010. Since I’ve got blogs in both HD voice and HD Videoconferencing (www.hdvconfnews.com), I’m going to have plenty to say.

I’m tempted to go into a side-rant about how the VoIP conference is more about SIP than voice anyway, because there’s a big track about UC on Wednesday, plus a keynote by Henning Schulzrinne of Columbia University that will talk about sensing and controlling everything – and doesn’t that sound SmartGrid-esque?

ANYway, Moderator/SIP Forum Chairman Richard Shockey believes the current fad, er surge in two-way video conferencing – he uses the phrase “Apple and FaceTime” liberally — will *ahem* the be the driving factor to promote SIP interoperability *ahem*ahem* between carriers, dragging along HD voice in its wake.

I have mixed feeling about this idea.

About six months ago, I would have been a believer, but we’re about a year into a lot of broken promises and cheap PR about SIP, HD voice interoperability and video interoperability.

Meanwhile, the juggernaut that is France Telecom/Orange continues to roll out mobile HD voice service across Europe and Verizon Business is in the midst of qualifying G.722 on its Enterprise ViPER service.

Since BT has about 2 million G.722 HD voice endpoints out there already and France Telecom has about 500K, one hopes that BT and FT and Verizon Business might be talking about peering directly.

Or not. We’ll see what comes out over the next couple of weeks.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to see what Shockey, Microsoft’s Benard Aboba, and the respective representatives at Dialogic and Polycom have to say.  But don’t be surprised to hear me say “Trust, but verify” a couple of times during the session.

— Doug

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