Empirix notes poor voice quality – Hello, HD voice, hello!

The CAT-iq developer’s conference people came across an Empirix-commissioned study noting that poor voice quality impacts customer experience in contact centers.

While the study is more geared towards getting contact centers to buy Empirix solutions to clean up their voice issues, the study results could be equally applicable to getting HD voice rolled out for both call centers and consumers.

Undertaken by the Customer Experience Foundation for Empirix, 79 percent of customers have experienced poor voice quality.  Needless to say (ahem), poor voice quality drives down sale volumes, increases call lengths and the number of calls that re forced to be redialed. As a result, churn rates can increase for both customers and staff.

Customers say 42 percent of call center calls are impacted by poor voice quality.  Thirty percent of those experiencing poor voice quality say it happened in more than half their calls with 68 percent saying they usually hang up as a result; and if they were calling about a new product or service, they’d end up calling a competing company instead. One in six customers has had to redial for a transaction.

Also falling out – 72 percent of the businesses polled said they had “frequent” voice quality issues for which they could not identify the root causes.

Does one need to spell out how this translate to wasted time (and time = money at a call center) and lost business (lost money).

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