Orange Switzerland offers a taste of mobile HD voice – commercial launch in 2011

Thanks to Gregory Roger for providing the tip

In November, Orange Switzerland will offer customers a test of HD voice at two locations.  A commercial launch of HD voice is “planned for 2011” says the official Orange release.

Orange says it is the first Swiss mobile telephony provider to invite customers to hear what future HD voice quality sounds like.  Users can hear demos at  the Orange Citydisc Center in Jelmoli in Zurich and the Orange Center at Rue de la Corraterie 4 in Geneva.

The release says the technical infrastructure on the Orange 3G network in Switzerland will be able to support the standard – presumably AMR-WB, like everywhere else – by 2011.  There’s also a nice list of current Orange HD voice deployments: Moldova, Armenia, France, the UK, Spain (Catalonia) and Belgium.

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