XO plans new hosted offering with HD voice in Q1 2011

XO Communications is planning to roll out HD voice service in a new hosted offering in the first quarter of 2011.  Perhaps this is one of the “major carriers” Cincinnati Bell and Metaswitch Networks were hinting at over the past two weeks

The news came in a In a brief email exchange with a spokesperson from XO Communications (www.xo.com), who would not reveal further details despite HD Voice News prodding.

Two big questions which come to mind are what sort of SIP peering/interconnection arrangements XO may be discussing with other carriers for delivering end-to-end HD voice services and what kind of phones will be used in conjunction with the hosted service.

For the latter question, XO currently offers Avaya as a hosted offering, but Cisco (www.cisco.com) and Polycom (www.polycom.com) phones are likely to be on a short list for a new service.

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