ITEXPO – Ooma is all FreeSWITCH; DECT stumbling block for HD voice go ahead

Los Angeles – It was DECT 6.0 wireless implementation that was the biggest headache for implementing HD voice on the Ooma ( telo hardware and the company is an all FreeSWITCH shop from the edge to the core.  These tidbits and a hint at how many Ooma subscribers are capable of HD were revealed today as a part of the “Putting Quality Back into Voice” panel at IT EXPO today.

Ooma Vice President of Engineering and Operations Toby Farrand was quite candid during and after the ITEXPO panel discussion around voice quality and VoIP.  The company replaced FreeSWITCH within the core of its network last year, making it the first company to run the open source telephony product from edge to core.

When asked how many of Ooma’s subscribers – cited by other company officials as “over 100,000” at various points this year were capable of HD voice – Farrand said “over half” of the subscriber base was on the Telo hardware.  Doing the math suggests Ooma has over 50,000 G.722 handsets in operation.

In an informal discussion after the panel, Farrand said implementing HD voice while meeting all the requirements for DECT 6.0 between Ooma’s telo base station and handset had many more issues than anticipated. 

A simple, no-frills implementation of HD voice and DECT between base station and handset was demonstrated early on, but making sure both elements strictly adhered to the all of the DECT 6.0 standard — for such things as multiple devices via DECT – turned out to be a lengthy challenge.

Ooma plans to implement CAT-iq as a firmware upgrade in the future “sometime next year,” but given the company’s previous experience with DECT, he was understandably reluctant to cite a more specific date.

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