Ooma now OFFICIALLY supports HD voice (really).

Los Angeles – Ooma (www.ooma.com) has now officially announced that its HD voice service is available on the company’s second-generation Telo hardware.  The company says this announcement “sets the industry standard” and “raised the bar” on voice quality for consumers.

For all today’s hype, it’s been a long time coming.

The company first started talking up HD voice as a key feature of the Telo hardware back in the spring of 2009.  At CES 2010 in January, a company press release officially listed it as one of the features that would be supplied with as one of a number of components Voice and a blog statement by the company’s president in February called the voice quality of HD when calling ooma to ooma “truly remarkable.”

In April, the company announced its “True Voice” technology, but HD was still being worked on, with a “June timeframe.” By August, HD voice was still “a couple months away” and expected at the end of September.

Exactly how many Telo units ooma has in the field right now is a matter of speculation. The last official number delivered at CES cited 25,000 Telo handsets shipped in the fourth quarter of 2009 during the holiday season with a total of around 100,000 Telo subscribers/users at the end of 2009.  Since then, company officials have cited numbers over 100,000 users, but won’t get more specific than that; nor will they discuss how many Telo units have been shipped in 2010.

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