IT EXPO: Aculab doing QA on SILK transcoding – but not “superwideband”; interest in AMR-WB-Siren14

Los Angeles – Aculab ( said it is currently putting Skype SILK transcoding through its quality assurance process with a targeted Q4 2010 release date (i.e. by the end of the year).

SILK transcoding will be supported through Prosody S software, but only at sampling rates of 8 kHz (narrowband) and 16 kHz (wideband); the company won’t be supporting transcoding in SILK’s so-called “superwideband” mode.

European carriers are also interested in transcoding between AMR-WB and G.722.1C, said the Aculab spokesperson. G.722.1C, also known as Polycom’s Siren14 wideband codec, is in widespread use in enterprise audioconferencing applications and there is a desire to bring in mobile HD voice into high-end audioconferencing. 

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