ITEXPO: AudioCodes announces all-in-one multimedia home gateway, bundle with mobile software

Los Angeles – AudioCodes ( has announced an expansion of its product lines and markets in one fell swoop with the MediaPack 252 Multimedia Home Gateway. The device – picked up by at least one service provider – integrates an ADSL2+ router, an 802.11n WiFi access point and CAT-iq “compliant” DECT for HD voice (or, if you use AudioCodes marketing-speak, HDVoIP).

The MediaPack 252 has an integrated CAT-iq 2.0 base station which, when combine with AudioCodes MP252 “complementary” handsets, provides cordless HD voice using the G.722 codec.  It also includes support for a 100 Mbps Ethernet WAN port, an internal Bluetooth radio for syncing to mobile phones for making calls through the DECT handsets, 3 USB ports for print server and file server options, and options for a USB-based 3G cellular modem and battery backup.

But wait, there’s more!  Service providers can get a Home&Go Residential Mobility Solution that is a bundle of the MediaPack 252 and AudioCodes VMAS softphone mobile client.   Service providers can offer the VMAS client – currently in use at Vonage – for “most leading” smartphone OSes, including Apple iOS, Symbian, and Android. 

VMAS supports the G.722 codec, so a service provider could offer an all IP/all HD voice (or HDVoIP) solution to its customers with a mix of hardware and over-the-top softclient.

Until now, AudioCodes has been content working at the core and edges of service providers, plus a slow and steady expansion into the enterprise.  Getting into customer CPE with HD voice and a mobile softclient thrown in for good measure is a wake-up call for other CPE manufacturers.

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