Polycom goes UC crazy, announces cloud solution with Broadsoft, Android-based app, Microsoft H.264 SVC support.

Voice and video hardware manufacturer Polycom (www.polycom.com) went a little UC-crazy today, with a trio of announcements including a cloud solution with BroadSoft (www.broadsoft.com), an Android-based client for Samsung’s GALAXY Tab, and Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) lining up to support Polycom’s H.264 SVC technology for video.

BroadSoft and Polycom have teamed up to roll out a hosted UC cloud solution for service providers built around BroadSoft’s BroadCloud Video hosted service, Polycom HDX telepresence systems and Polycom VVX 1500 business media phones. Interestingly, Polycom will be providing service providers with “go-to-market support, sales enablement and demand-generation activities.”  It’s also interesting to note that while the teaming announcement keys on video, HD voice is a strong player in the verbiage rather than being left out.

Polycom and Samsung will team up to build a standards-based video application to be embedded into the Android-based Samsung GALAXY Tab.   The GALAXY Tab is a seven inch Android tablet currently rolling about in Europe and offered here in the U.S. on Verizon’s network.  Samsung is customizing apps for GALAXY Tab (Presumably/hopefully until the tablet-loving Android 3.0 rolls out) because most Android apps are not designed for large-screen form factor devices,

One might expect to see Polycom release other “standards-based” video applications for the Android-family in future, if they’re already working on one for Samsung.

Last, but certainly not least, Microsoft – the company’s new BFF on UC – will incorporate Polycom’s Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology into its desktop video communications offerings. SVC is free for “strategic partners” who embrace/support open and interoperable communications standards through the UCIF (Unified Communications Interoperability Forum).  

All of today’s announcements are software-based and all are interoperability-focused.  Expect Polycom to do more of them, because Enterprise buyers – the people who buy with big dollars – want UC interoperability.

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